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Cloud Extension by Turnium
Red Hat Certified Technology

When customer growth leads to international expansion, customer turn to multiple local vendors for last mile and networking needs. Managing multiple vendors complicates their operations and forces developing non-core technical and business capabilities.

  • Turnium’s software-defined wide area networking platform opens the door for Service Providers to capitalize on this opportunity
  • Stay in control of the network, and manage connectivity, regardless of the underlying technologies or service providers
  • Deliver a fully integrated, managed, software-defined network

Cloud Extension enables Service Providers to efficiently create a single secure software-defined network that spans multiple jurisdictions with a single point of management for multiple customers.

  • Design and deploy networks with Turnium SD-WAN’s core aggregators and endpoints that you host and manage
  • Zero-touch deployment onto bare-metal, VMs, and Kubernetes-based containers
  • Use your existing configuration, network management, and orchestration tools
  • Deliver uCPE, microCPE, and Edge Compute solutions
  • CNF-certified for Red Hat OpenShift
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