143% ROI: The Financial Case for Turnium Disaggregated SD-WAN

Analysis of Seven Channel Partners that generated 143% ROI in year 1 and 2,645% ROI over a four-year period.

The Financial Case for Turnium SD-WAN

Turnium's technology and business model generates real revenue and substantial margin. Within 12 months of selling Turnium SD-WAN, we recouped all our startup costs, including all infrastructure.

— Director, Hosted VoIP, Network and Managed Security Firm, APAC

Turnium’s business model is designed to deliver service provider channel partner success. Our goal is to enable partners to add a managed, Layer 3 Network-as-a-Service solution to their portfolios as the foundation for their managed services and managed security to create better bundled offers with higher margin and greater market differentiation.

To demonstrate the economic impact our Disaggregated, White-label SD-WAN platform has on partner business, we reviewed the four-year returns of a group of partners.

The results were astounding! Adding our SD-WAN to their service stacks delivered 143% ROI in year 1 and 2,645% ROI over a four-year period.

Download the analysis to read about this yourself! Data points in the document include:

  • Revenue
  • Costs
  • Payback period
  • Annual Return on Investment
  • NPV/Net Present Value

Using a standardized cost model based on MSRP pricing and an average of partner monthly sales in each category, a financial model was built to show revenue, cost, net revenue, payback and ROI.

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Channel Partners we studied showed the following results:
ROI in the first 12 months
Payback in
Year 1
ROI over 48 months
Cumulative Net Income
over 48 months

Our study examined seven channel partners who had used Turnium’s white-label, fully partner-hosted SD-WAN platform for less than 14 months or over three years.

Read about the Impact that Hosting and Selling Turnium SD-WAN to build Your Service Stack and Brand could have on Your Bottom Line.

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