Discover Why SD-WAN Is Key to a Forward-Thinking Networking Strategy

A Fireside Chat with Turnium and ACG Research

A Fireside Chat with Turnium and ACG Research
A Fireside Chat with Turnium and ACG Research

SD-WAN has been steadily growing in popularity since its inception, and for good reason — it provides reliable connectivity and improved and centralized manageability at a cost-effective price. Now entering its maturity, SD-WAN has shifted from an alternate networking solution to the default networking standard anytime WAN deployments are discussed.

SD-WAN’s importance in global networking has been made particularly evident in the years since the onset of Covid-19. With more teams working remotely than ever before, businesses have been forced to radically rethink their networking strategies in order to cope with the displaced working scenario of our age.

In this chat, Turnium’s Geoff Hultin and Logan Campbell sit down with ACG Research's Ray Mota, to discuss SD-WAN, where it’s headed, and why SD-WAN must play a central role in any forward-thinking networking strategy.

Watch the full fireside chat to learn:

  • How SD-WAN kept teams connected during Covid-19

  • Why SD-WAN can help businesses maintain agility, predictability, and continuity in times of massive change

  • Why SD-WAN is essential to any team building a forward-thinking networking strategy

  • Why SD-WAN is a critical infrastructure component in keeping enterprises connected to their cloud-based assets

  • What questions businesses need to ask themselves when considering an SD-WAN transition