5G and Beyond

A Chat with Turnium’s Sandeep Panesar and DoubleTap TV


Sandeep Panesar
SVP Strategic Engagements

DoubleTap TV

5G has long been hyped as the next BIG thing in mobile technology. And for good reason given its promise to accelerate digital functionality and connectivity like never before.

Coupled with software-driven networking, like SD-WAN, 5G will enable service providers to reach new areas, improve responsiveness, and reduce costs through automation in unprecedented ways.

Turnium’s Sandeep Panesar recently sat down with DoubleTap TV’s Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo about this fascinating innovation. Specifically, they chatted about the evolution of mobile tech and how they envision a future beyond 5G networking.

Watch the full chat to hear:

  • What core industries will immediately benefit from 5G

  • How SD-WAN will enable 5G service providers to scale with unprecedented speed

  • How 5G will enable connectivity for users in even the most remote areas

  • Why 5G and SD-WAN will be key to improving accessibility for all users, everywhere