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Discover Why Turnium’s SD-WAN is the Foundation for Service Provider Success

To achieve a flexible, secure and cost-effective network, businesses need to choose a performance-driven SD-WAN platform that protects and advances operations through superior technology, business acumen, and a commitment to delivering a high-quality user experience.

Turnium SD-WAN Technical Briefing

Designed for service providers, Turnium’s Disaggregated SD-WAN gives you the technology and business model you need to protect and grow your business. Increase the performance of hosted, managed applications and gain business independence by fully controlling your service stack, building your own SASE offerings, enhancing your brand, and determining your own prices and margins.

  • Deliver highly available, scalable, multi-tenant core SD-WAN infrastructure and maximize your revenue and profitability.

  • Full REST API to integrate with your existing provisioning, reporting, management, and security platforms.

  • Certified CNF and software-only to deploy in container environments (Certified for Red Hat OpenShift(r)), in bare metal, and in virtual environments.

  • Aggregate multiple wired and wireless, including 5G, circuits from multiple carriers at any site, integrate with existing networks, and deliver business continuity for priorty voice, video, and session-based applications.

  • Deliver the IP addressing for your customers, no matter where they are, or who's providing the underlying connectivity. Control the entire network.

  • Deploy on uCPE as your secure network connection and push, configure, and pull-back applications from the enterprise edge to optimize edge resources and deliver the flexibility your customers need.

Using a standardized cost model based on MSRP pricing and an average of partner monthly sales in each category, a financial model was built to show revenue, cost, net revenue, payback and ROI.

Read the ebook to see how Turnium can transform your business with SD-WAN.


Save Big with Turnium’s unlimited, no charge core SD-WAN node licenses


Protect Your Brand through Turnium’s white-label SD-WAN solution. Sell your own branded solution


Simplify Data Transfers with Turnium’s virtual tunnel which intelligently adapts network performance


Achieve Peak Performance with Turnium’s per-packet load balancing approach and sub-second failover, including LTE, 4G


Diverse Security Options to encrypt and secure traffic on each circuit in the SD-WAN tunnel

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