Turnium Wholesale
New Partner Onboarding

Welcome to the Onboarding process for New Turnium Wholesale Partners.

Turnium’s Partner Onboarding process is designed to help our Channel Partners smoothly transition from Proof of Concept into the commercialization of their new SD-WAN environment quickly and easily.

  1. Partner Onboarding Technical Information. As a first step in Onboarding, we gather information about your network and technical environments. This helps us work with your network teams to set up your environment correctly to support SD-WAN traffic.

  2. We also provide technical requirements for the proper deployment of your Aggregator Core Nodes and your Management Server. Multiple Aggregators to be deployed at launch for core node redundancy. We also complete the set up of your Management Server after you provide the base setup. The Management Server should be installed in a separate cluster or even in a separate data center from your Aggregators to enable ongoing operations in case of an outage in our environment.

  3. For Partners who are installing instances in virtual environments, we provide a Best Practices guide and key reference material on how to integrate the required core nodes into your existing network infrastructure.

  4. Additional training sessions are provided outlining Turnium's Multi-Tenancy and Private WAN configurations to support your ability to properly deploy, support and manage customer or downstream wholesale partner SD-WAN requirements.

  5. At every step in Onboarding, we confirm proper operation of your infrastructure to help ensure that you are ready to go to market.