Partner Proof of
Concept Kickoff

Turnium Wholesale Partners

Welcome to Turnium's Proof of Concept (PoC) process.

Our PoC process guides you through evaluating Turnium’s Wholesale SD-WAN platform. It helps you set up the PoC environment and complete PoC tests.

Our PoC process is a fully supported, guided process to help you evaluate our platform efficiently. We work together with you and your teams to ensure on-the-job learning and training.

Please follow the steps below to complete your PoC process:

  1. Complete the document in the window below to kick off your POC Process. We require the information in this document to get initial configuration ready and ensure your POC process kicks off smoothly. Once completed, submit this document and you will receive next steps by email.
  1. Refer to the sample PoC test procedure to see how a typical POC test is conducted. 
  1. Check out this PoC training video. This video provides an understanding of Turnium’s architecture and key components. Note that this video is branded as Multapplied. We have since rebranded as Turnium, but the contents of the video remains applicable. It is a lengthy video, so best viewed in sessions. 

For further assistance, please contact your sales rep, or your technical pre-sales rep.