Learn How SD-WAN Can Future-Proof Your Network Infrastructure

The pandemic showed us all the importance of network infrastructure resiliency — particularly in the face of unexpected events.

Future-Proof Your Network Infrastructure



When the pandemic forced employees to work from home, companies had to adjust their business applicatinos and how they were delivered.

Suddenly, managed services and SD-WAN became critical infrastructure! Managed services such as UCaaS or hosted voice or contact center enabled employees to work from home, and SD-WAN enabled employees to get the bandwidth and quality of service necessary to deliver flawless voice and video interactions at the right price.

Now, with employees returning to offices, both SD-WAN and managed services are continuing to grow! Gartner forecasts that:

  • SD-WAN will generate a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14% through to 2026, and,
  • Cloud telephony adoption will more than double, increasing from 20% of overall telephony users to 50% by 2025.

Turnium enables you to control and manage how customers get to your managed services. You'll be able to provide a new managed service, avoid customer downtime, and ensure the highest experience of your managed services while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Watch our TelecomTV interview to learn about:

  • Why Turnium can protect your business and your customers' businesses from connectivity issues.
  • How Turnium provides a secure, disaggregated solution that delivers resilient connectivity.
  • Why SD-WAN is fundamental to all WAN infrastructure and enables network connections, using any technology, to be integrated into a single managed network service.

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